David: My mom and two of her sisters have each had double mastectomies. My mom's first cancer was at age 35, which is my age now.

I don't have any lumps, but should I be examined for breast cancer?

Dr. Dean: The answer to your question is yes. Men are only about two percent of all breast cancer cases, but breast cancer in men is often fatal because the symptoms are ignored.

You would be wise to do a self-exam when you take a shower. Your chest, being flat, will be easier to examine than a woman's chest is. Soaping your breasts makes them slippery and helps you feel the details of the tissue better. This is true for women, too, of course.

If you find a lump, you should get a mammogram. Believe it or not, they can pinch enough tissue in a male's chest for a mammogram. I don't think there is a recommendation for routine mammograms for men, but because so few protocols exist, I suggest you do your own extensive literature search.

Even with your family history, not enough is known about male breast cancer for me to tell you how high your risk is. I do think your risk for prostate cancer might be elevated, so you should be vigilant about getting your examinations.

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31 Juli 2008 10.50

Of course men can get breast cancer, as long as he has breast :-D. Anyway, prevention is better than cure right?

5 Juli 2011 15.32

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